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Ah, thanks for posting this. Their newsletters only arrive every quarter, so it's nice to have something in between bulletins.
Do you attend the AGM?

If so we could perhaps meet up.

I've been ill for the last few years and also suffering a major bereavement last year, so I've let a lot of things lapse including my work on my art history degree.

I'm hoping to get back into things this coming year and pick up a few threads even if I am as poor as the proverbial church-mouse.
I haven't yet, but I've always been tempted. I'm a wee bit shy, but my love of the PRB may just coax me outside. Have you ever been?

Can I 'friend' you?


July 15 2009, 17:28:08 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  July 15 2009, 17:50:51 UTC

No, I've attended a couple of events with my friend Liz in Birmingham but then she moved away and we rarely see each other.

I'm just piecing my life back together following a major depression after my parents died within a year of each other. Then late last year I lost my husband who was the love of my life, so I am in quite deep mourning.

yet I have to go on with my life and even if I can't afford to continue with my degree in art history or go on to a MA as I'd hoped to (as a mature student) I figured I could pick up on this thread especially as I live fairly close to Birmingham.

I've now added you too.
I understand. I'm in the latter stages of a similar situation, having lost my mum suddenly four years ago and ending up with PTSD. It does get better though, despite that being totally unbelievable. You will evolve and recover, believe me. I'll be happy to help through the medium of Pre-Raphaelite adoration. :-)

I'm in Cambridge. One or two Rossetti's in the Fitzwilliam here, as well as his sofa.
Thanks, I signed up for the Feed.