Jimmylou. (ihamlet) wrote in seeking_ophelia,

Resuscitating Ophelia ?

Greetings, Pre-Raphaelite disciples, and hearty thanks for all the lovely graphics drifting about this community's entries. I was (and am) first and foremost a fan of Shakespeare, whose verbal images then instilled in me a keen appreciation for the scenes captured in the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Normally I wouldn't take pains to introduce myself in a comm that does not require it, but I figured a few introductory words might go so far as to resuscitate activity amidst at least a few of you, because I'm dismayed that such a passionate group of art conaisseurs have fallen into such an idle trough! x] I would contribute insight or visuals of my own, but I'm afraid I'm not educated or adept enough in either arena, respectively. And so allow me to extend a plea for new life in these dusty posts! Yours, yours.
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