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A plea to the mods and people who sell what they mistakenly call "historic" items...

Like many of you, I belong to several Victorian-related communities. I joined these communities because I study this period, and also because I love it. I don't know about you, but I am REALLY tired of people posting ads to sell things, and I get especially annoyed when they say it is "historic" when they made it yesterday.

What prompted this post was seeing three posts in a row on my friends page by user foyerdesarts, trying to sell "victorian and rococo" jewelry (clearly they left out the word "inspired") on seeking_ophelia,victorianera, and victorianlife. According to the userinfo on these communities, NONE of them welcome people selling things.

So mods, please do something about this. To people selling: please post your crafts somewhere more appropriate. And at the very least, STOP CALLING YOUR WORK VICTORIAN here. Unless you've miraculously learned time-travel, in which case, clue us all in.

And just to show that I'm not a complete curmudgeon, I'd be more than happy to see adverts here for antique dealers who sell actual period jewelry.

Just one person's opinion. Thanks.

x-posted in seeking_ophelia,victorianera, and victorianlife, so apologies for repeats.
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It's my opinion too. It does feel a bit like the only reason foyerdesarts joined the comm was to sell her products here. It seems very similar to those spam messages that show up in my Yahoo lists, when they've been quiet for a time.

I hope the mods can do something about this.
I think it would be polite and fair to end up this big rumor about that now. I am pretty new at LJ and I am SORRY about it when I was annoying anybody here. I deleted my posts at these 3 communities and won`t post any advertisement there again ! It makes me so much fun making unique jewellery and I won`t end up in selling my stuff-if you like or dislike it that doen`t matters for me. I am really sad that some persons here have to start anger and had no idea in writing me a personal message before !!! I am a historical costumes lover for many years and I just wanted to share my hobby...
Bye and
Finis Comoediae !!!
I have deleted ALL of my sales posts... and NOW I think these rumors should have ended up ...I won`t post anything again and I think that this post can be deleted I don`t want to have more trouble !!!
Like I said before -> Finis Comoediae !!!